List of unlocated
rights holders

Let's enlist the help of our community! Sacem maintains clearly identifiable assigned copyrights that it is unable to make available to their rights holders. This is a situation that concerns those members, creators, publishers, or heirs, whose contact information is no longer up to date in our databases, despite our research. You can help re-create the link by referring to those who you know, can identify or recognise, so they can make contact with Sacem.

Three steps to be taken

  1. Download the unlocated artists, publishers and heirs file.
  2. Look for members in this file, who you know, can identify or recognise.
  3. Invite these people to contact Sacem by contacting the following address:

To help correct this situation, we are making available a list of unlocated rights holders:

List of unlocated artists.